Jewelry displays

Jewelry displays

We all know how important the presentation of a product is, and it is even more so when the pieces in question are beautiful jewelry and quality accessories. At Oirlv, we have the best jewelry displays, among other items that complement the beauty, care, and collection.


If you are about to start your jewelry business and want to give it an even more unique touch, we will tell you about the large number of products that can be useful to display pieces in store and quality, affordable prices, and much more.


Learn more about the advantages that Oirlv has for you!


What you should know about


Oirlv is considered one of the best suppliers of jewelry displays. Its experience of more than 10 years as a manufacturer and supplier has allowed it to produce products that adapt perfectly to most of the items exhibited in a jewelry store.


Oirlv's direct factory has the opportunity to produce quality, customized products. Large specialized machines make some, but most are made by hand.


From furniture with unique designs to small bags, at Oirlv, you will find everything for a successful business.


Jewelry display



Get to know the brand's products


Now that you know a little more about the brand, we would like to introduce you to the incredible available products. Remember that any of them can be customized as you require.


Jewelry packaging


The delivery of a jewelry item should always be extraordinary because, even if it is not exactly a gift, the packaging allows you to keep the piece you purchased safe.


Oirlv has an impressive number of different sizes and designs with unique colors.


Find gift boxes for rings, bracelets, watches, etc.; many of them are made with various textures, shapes, and materials, such as solid wood, leather, embroidered silk, microfiber, and much more.


In addition to this, Oirlv makes paper bags and small sacks, which are highly accessible and can be personalized with your brand.


Jewelry tray


Every jewelry business needs to have trays for better presentation and storage of jewelry. At Oirlv, you can meet a variety of models, ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate.


The materials can be diverse; some are made of wood, others made of metal—all lined with leather or velvet, for the best care of the items.


We invite you to learn more about them in our catalog.


Jewelry display stand


We have a wide range of jewelry displays, as we are interested in adapting to the business of each of our clients. These are made with the same materials mentioned above. However, each option of exhibitors has a certain amount of elements in which rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, and necklaces can be located.


The designs can be busts, supports, small shelves, and even elegant hands that perfectly show the use of each of the jewelry items.


Jewelry display design


Last but not least, Oirlv designs custom VIP furniture such as display cabinets and some other custom accessories. It provides high-quality materials, textures, and designs that adapt to the business of your dreams


Accessible prices and the best service in Oirlv


You probably think that when handling outstanding quality products, the prices can be very high since most competition takes it that way. However, we are pleased to tell you that Oirlv has one of the most affordable prices on the market.


This has allowed the brand to position itself as one of the leading suppliers and customer favorites. With the arrival of each buyer and the ideas they present for the exhibition of their brand, Oirlv can create new designs and products that are adapted to each one's trade.


Visit the page, know the vast number of products in the catalog, and find the product you have been looking for so much for your venture. We are sure that some of the materials, colors, and textures will adapt perfectly to the market you handle. Oirlv is continually working to be the best jewelry display producer.


Contact the Oirlv team, and discover the seasonal offers handled in most of the products. When placing your order anywhere in the world, wait for 5 to 20 days for the product to reach your hands. The logistics work as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy your purchases as soon as possible.


 Suppose some of the products sent arrive with any damage or defect. In that case, there is the option to replace it or refund the money during the first 30 days, originality, quality, and commitment always! The company is committed to all the items offered and to the customer experience.


Imagine offering the fantastic jewelry items of your business with all the products that we previously discussed. A sure success, which, in addition, will allow you to highlight the personality of your store, and thus, be the favorite of all those lovers of jewelry and elegant items.


Now that you know everything do not hesitate! This is the signal for you to stand out in the jewelry field, and what better way to do it with Oirlv products.

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