The best exhibitors for your business in the USA

The best exhibitors for your business in the USA

The jewelry business will always be ideal for anyone who wants to start, as there are many options to make beautiful and countless pieces, such as metals or precious stones.


Believe it or not, jewelry making is part of an ancient and traditional activity that has evolved over the years until it reached the famous online jewelry sale; this industry will never end!


The key to the jewelry business is to stay focused on the niche and, above all, to target the right customers.


Next, we will tell you about the types of jewelry that can be the best alternative for your business.



First, research products and trends


Fine jewelry or fashion jewelry? Both options are valid for the business you want to start; each category uses materials, production processes, prices, and customer profiles.


For example, costume jewelry always follows trends; the models are varied and of different tastes. Lower cost materials are used to make them, such as metals, beads, wires, plastics, and artificial gems. Selling prices will always be much lower, and large quantities are almost always produced. These types of items are generally used daily.


However, fine jewelry will always use metals, precious and semi-precious stones, and their cost is much higher, and the jewelry details are exact and artistic.


Due to all those mentioned above, this type of jewelry is a luxury and is usually used in particular moments or occasions.


When defining the category for your new jewelry business, you must find the right niche for your products. Define your ideal customer, and then decide if the products you will sell are for a specific occasion.


Researching trends is of great importance; we recommend reading blogs, magazines and exploring social networks, as they reflect the constant use of these precious pieces.


For example, one of the models usually used lately is all those engraved with the name or the legend that the client chooses. You can use this trend to your advantage and make pieces with different amounts of materials and give them a much more personal touch.


Define designs and production


Jewelry display


Once everything is more established with the products and the customer profile, it will be much easier for you to identify the image that will give your brand the personal touch.


Of course, three main options are used for jewelry designs, depending on your skills and budget. One of them is old-fashioned; we refer to pencil and paper. If you are a great draftsman, you can design and translate your ideas and then carry them out with their elaboration.


Another much more modern alternative is to use 2D or 3D design software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape, etc.


The last of our options for you, and, above all, recommended for fine jewelry, we use specific software with the following names: JewelCAD, Matrix, Rhinojewel.


Regarding the production and elaboration of your jewelry, how you make these items will depend on the complexity of the design, sale price, materials, etc.


You can carry out a manual, personalized, and unique elaboration, classified as fine art. It depends on the materials and the design; some methods carried out in the goldsmith's work require training, certifications, and expensive equipment. This type of choice includes welding, gold and silver jewelry, casting, 3D printing, leather cut, laser cutting, weaving, gemstone inlays.


Remember that handmade works are revalued over time and always show their most innovative and avant-garde side.


Now let's talk about assembly production; these are more common in the costume jewelry and fashion industry. Chains, wires, beads, false stones, etc. are used in it. This business is much more accessible to position, as wholesale materials are used, and employees or contractors almost always make them.


You have everything to succeed in the jewelry business


We hope that your business or future business is headed for the best with all those above.


Producing quality rings, necklaces, bracelets, and items will always allow you to position yourself as number one in the industry. It does not matter if you choose to undertake with costume jewelry or fine jewelry; as long as you stay informed and with a fixed goal, you can achieve it.


The best jewelry is made with passion and time; welcome to the jewelry industry!

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