Trends in jewelry displays 2022

Trends in jewelry displays 2022

Jewelry to your business displays that can give a better appearance to the place where the sale takes place and the beautiful pieces exhibited.

Knowing how to choose the perfect counter for your jewelry is very important, since thanks to it, the appearance of your brand can stand out much more than it already is.

Suppose your jewelry business is starting, or you are already within it, and you want to know the trends approaching exhibitors this 2022. In that case, we will tell you some of the trends that will be positioned and will be very helpful for the image of your business and products.

Continue reading more about the designs, finishes, and high quality of the jewelry displays that will innovate your business.


Trends in jewelry and displays


The word jewel is related to several words; some are luxury, shine, and elegance, with creativity and craftsmanship. New designs, colors, and sizes are known every year, such as necklaces, earrings, rings, and much more.

The use of personal items and jewelry will never go out of style since their service has been reported since time immemorial; however, the creativity of designers and jewelry creators never ends. For this acclaimed 2022, many surprises are expected with jewelry and accessories trends. Integrating all those above, let us remember that the counters where they are located are of great value to achieve a harmony between the valuable product and the place where it is located.

Keep reading and discover the news that is coming together for this year.



Aretes and its exhibitors in 2022


Jewelry display

No matter the material from which each item is made, there are usually tastes for everything. This year the return of dangling and fringed earrings is expected, made of rolled gold, silver, and some jewelry with beads.

As for the exhibitors, the best for this type of article is the stands that allow the earrings to be kept in motion. Metal as a material, accompanied by microfiber, gives this type of jewelry more extraordinary elegance; However, the leather of different colors in this type of display is a perfect option.


Rings and their exhibitors in 2022


Over time, the ring designs become much more daring, unique, and out of the ordinary. It is expected that one of the materials that will be used the most during this year is the mineral called Moissanite, a kind of diamond, which, to be honest, surpasses the aforementioned in beauty.

Necklaces and their displays in 2022


The necklaces are essential for the looks in trend this year; you can see many long chains, which adorning the neck, will also do it with the waist and surround like a belt.

The necklaces type " chokers " will be back, thick or thin, silver or gold; these accessories will be part of many looks this 2022.

For long necklaces, a shelf that can display the main piece located in the front is recommended; a wooden stand with microfiber ensures better care of the item, provides a bohemian atmosphere and complements The perfection.

When it comes to chokers, a white microfiber bust as a display is the best option. Eye! Not all short necklaces belong to casual looks because, in 2022, this type of article will be used with much more elegant styles.


The best jewelry furniture for this 2022


As for furniture, display cabinets will never go out of style, but security will be extra to keep jewelry and items in good condition.

The cabinets with safety glass allow a safe exposure to customers, in conjunction with modules on the inside that can carry from one to four drawers, doors, or shelves that will better organize the jewelry.

The finishes in this type of furniture can be perfected with state-of-the-art technology, such as electronic keys, alarms, etc.


As we mentioned before, "taste is broken into genres," and each one usually chooses the items to sell, as well as the displays where they will present their beautiful product. For us, it is a pleasure to guide you and provide you with the appropriate information to have a much more prosperous and attractive business for the type of client you are targeting.

Keep learning a little more about our products on the official page and all those topics that are not usually read so often. Our goal is to provide you with the best service and quality products that allow your 2022 to be even more successful than the year that passed in the world of jewelry.


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