Which jewelers to choose for my jewelry

Which jewelers to choose for my jewelry

When we talk about jewelry, we can find a great versatility of them, some that deserve complete care so that their usability does not damage them and, some others that with much less maintenance can be preserved.

However, there is something that we are clear about any jewel, all, without exception, deserve significant care that allows the stone, the finish, and the design of the jewelry to last for many years.

In this case, there is nothing better than knowing the care and types of jewelers where these precious objects can be housed this, not only can we have high-quality jewelry for a long time, but we can also know what types of accommodations exist to safeguard the design and manufacture of said jewels.


 Types of jewelers


Which jewelers to choose for my jewels is one of the most frequently asked questions when we have various prizes that we want to safeguard and preserve their multiple characteristics with which we obtained them, from its brightness, its color, the temperature of the jewel, or the various decorations that complement it.

But, without a doubt, a jewelry box can also provide us with the organization and immediate contact of our jewels when we need them. Therefore, their search and selection must be measured according to the needs that we face.

There are many types of jewelry boxes, considering styles and materials, functions, and adaptations to each need. So keep reading and discover the most famous and valuable jewelry storage boxes and organizers on the market.



Maxi jewelers or prominent jewelers


Design is intended to house many jewels. Its popularity is imminent due to its ability to store a wide range of accessories: bracelets, earrings, pendants, bracelets, pins, watches, among others.

These jewelers are recommended for those people who wish to have all their medals in order, in addition, of course, to being protected. However, you must consider its size before your purchase because, sometimes, its location is the most complicated, being a large-scale object.

Among the characteristics of these jewelers are:

      • Many have a front mirror
      • Key lock for added protection
      • Handles to make it easier to move
      • Various organizers with pads
      • Multiple trays
      • Various measures


  1. Medium Single Tray Jewelry Boxes

For small or medium jewelry collections, these jewelry boxes are ideal! Its main advantages are its manageability and portability since many of them fit anywhere.

Among its main features are:

  • Typically, in the upper part, they have various trays with compartments and jewelry organizers and, in the lower leg, with a comprehensive structure ready to store almost any accessory.
  • They have ample space.
  • They have pads to separate rings, earrings, and bracelets.
  • Its front cover has a symbolic mirror.
  • They are transportable
  • They are the most popular in the market, and therefore, there are various designs and colors for purchase.
  • they are jovial



Travel jewelers


The eternal forgotten! This type of jeweler has been gaining strength over the years, and it is that nobody took them into account until it was time to pack the bags and ask the question, "And where will I take my jewelry?"

It is unnecessary to ask yourself that question because we can find two good designs for this need that are becoming more and more famous. We can discover round jewelry boxes with zipper closure, ideal for storing small pieces, or the classic book-type model similar to a wallet.

Both share these characteristics:

  • They have a separator for rings, watches, or pendants
  • A moderately padded pad is noticeable so that our jewelry does not suffer from the hustle and bustle of our trip
  • They are comfortable and small
  • They have straps or accessories to accommodate them, and they do not suffer any loss.



Organizer trays


Single deck trays. These organizers are ideal for small collections; their distribution is unique and is preferred by those who enjoy accommodating their jewelry in tiny stacked links.

There are various types of organizer trays, where we can find:

  • Trays to store rings and cufflinks
  • pen storage trays
  • Trays without dividers to have more space. Here the distribution depends on each one.
  • Trays for sunglasses or various lenses.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Its size is small, and it can be stored anywhere.
  • Its covering is usually made of velvet or silk fabrics.
  • Their prices are affordable.
  • They have a front mirror and sometimes with a lock and key or just a safe to prevent the exit of the jewels.



  1. Wall jewelry box


This style tops the list of our favorites! Its wall-mounted kind stands out in conjunction with a mirror or picture. This design is recommended for medium-sized collections that need to be hung. However, this does not impede placing other types of jewelry.

Some jewelers of this type have an essential security system to store high-value jewelry.

Main features:

  • Its manufacture is made of various materials, but they stand out: metal or wood.
  • Its compartments are large and well arranged.
  • Its containers can be versatile and adjustable to your needs.


Now that you know a list of which jewelers you can choose for your jewelry, you can select the one that best suits your needs and, of course, the one that you like the most.

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