Jewelry for bracelets

Jewelry for bracelets

Do you love jewelry bracelets? It is one of the accessories most used by men and, especially, by women, since women use it on their wrists to look more beautiful, because it is in this part of the body where they are placed in a circular shape, or, in a straight line so that when fastened they take the round shape.

In the various jewelry centers, you will find bracelets made of gold, silver, platinum, or other metals; decorated with precious or semi-precious stones and, of course, of different prices, as well as a varied quality of materials. In jewelry stores, you will be able to appreciate pieces in beige, white, pink or yellow gold and others with encrusted diamonds.

We know that you will have the best criteria to acquire the perfect piece, but we consider that it does not hurt that we help you a little; that is why we put together a series of tips that you can consult when visiting the jewelers.


Tips for choosing the best jewelry bracelet


If you are going to buy jewelry bracelets for your use or think of giving this accessory to a woman, take into account the advice we have for you, so you will ensure that you make a good investment.

  • Choose the best material. Although much of this will depend on your budget, we do not want you to sacrifice quantity for quality. Hence we advise you to check the materials with which the piece is made or if it is plated in gold.
  • Size does matter! Even more so if the bracelet will not be for you, so have the exact measurement of the circumference of the wrist of the person who will use it. Another factor to consider that is closely linked to the size of the jewel is the fit with which it will be, so check if it will fall or not.
  • Exclusive designs or commercial pieces? If you like to wear unique bracelets, it is best to ask the jeweler or a designer if the creation is original.
  • The style will be the critical point of how personalized you want the piece of jewelry; Never buy something that you do not like or the person who will wear it will not like it, choose by the structure of the beads, the links or links the charms.
  • Do you pay attention to the type of clasp that the bracelet has? It is an essential part so that you do not lose it! This must be related to the weight and quality of the jewel. Some of the most common types of closure are: box (it consists of two pieces, which open when the lever located on one side is pressed), magnetic (it consists of two magnets that, when put together, prevent the clasp from opening with ease), lever (on one end there is a thick bar and on the other side a square or circle, however, it is not so secure), carabiners (this is the most common closure; a hook that opens when you press a clip to insert a ring there), thread (usually has a higher degree of complexity at the time of use if it is not with the help of another person since you have to screw the two ends of the jewel), others that you can find in the market are spring rings, sliding knot or the one usually used in watches.
  • For a formal event or a casual meeting? Virtually no matter the occasion, however, make sure it doesn't look too flashy, edgy, or take away from other aspects of your look.
  • Remember that the price will depend on more than one factor, such as size, weight -in carats if it is gold- or a collection of the materials that interfered in its elaboration.
  • In a physical store or online? It's your decision! But we advise you to go to the jewelry store and observe it in detail. Although, if you have no problem with electronic transactions, you can visit the Amazon website.



Jewelers for bracelets


Bracelet displays

Historically, the use of bracelets dates back to Ancient Egypt; hence these aesthetic objects never go out of style. Both men and women can wear them on more than one occasion; likewise, they can combine their colors and shapes with the best of your outfit. Regarding which is the best brand or firm for bracelets and, in general, for jewelry, here is our ranking of jewelry stores and exhibitors with a presence in the United States


      1. Oirlv Jewelry Display
      2. Tiffany & CO.
      3. Cartier
      4. Bulgari
      5. Kate spade
      6. Harry Winston

If you are going to travel to the United States or live in one of the country's cities and your purpose is to invest in one or more jewelry bracelets, don't wait any longer and find the bracelet it needs from you to shine!



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