Why buy wholesale jewelry displays

Why buy wholesale jewelry displays

A jewel is that piece of value that will be eternally remembered for being part of those special moments in life.

No jewel cannot be remembered in this world because, despite the significant variability of prices and designs, a medal will always have substantial economic and sentimental value. In addition, there are two types of people: those who love to wear them and can afford them, or those who love to study and market them.

In this way, reducing the jewelery-loving target to two groups might sound somewhat unfair, but the truth is that it is the simplest way to explain this vast sector.

Now, it is well known that a lot of advertising is focused on the end consumer; However, it is essential to remember that there is a critical process in the most delicate and most precious jewels to reach the reach of our desires, whether to shine with the most substantial design or to celebrate that long-awaited wedding with the love of our life, perhaps also as a jewel to honor that loved one regardless of kinship or relationship to them, in itself, it does not matter, because a gem is the symbol of love and recognition that no human could refuse.


Jewelry types 


Making the previous section clear, let's talk about the jewelry sector, and its relationship with the price and display of wholesale sales since the first thing to recognize is the differentiation between three segments based on their cost:

  • Fine jewelry: This segment is recognized for having contemporary jewelry that has its stamp and significant distinction thanks to its quality, design, guarantee, and customer service strategies.
  • Average jewelry: Its distinction is irrefutable, but the variability of prices is eloquent, so it could be considered an intermediate between high and commercial jewelry.
  • Commercial jewelry: It is characterized by low differentiation, forcing the user to provide further importance to the price in the purchase choice.

It is essential to mention that the intensity of competition varies concerning the product segment and the purchase conditions of raw materials.

That is why the demand for high and medium jewelry depends on a percentage greater than 70% on an important factor: fashion, paid for by the evolution of the income of luxury goods and the marketing established in this sector.

But… Who are those countries that import worldwide?

The country that tops the list is the United States, importing 42% and counting on a commercial partner specializing in jewelry, Colombia, followed by the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Germany, and other Asian countries.

Knowing the non-existence of an industrial structure in these countries for the extraction and manufacture of jewelry, we must understand the opposite part: export, where these countries have sufficient resources to supply the importing countries. Among the most popular are: India, China, Thailand, Italy, and Switzerland.



Jewelry displays wholesale options


Once the types of jewelry are mentioned, let's move on to the main topic of our blog, since the importance of the exhibition of wholesale jewelry is essential to be able to achieve good commercialization, since from a stand or bulk sampling it can be facilitated that our buyer person or ideal client, come to know our products and/or brand.

In this way, a product must be shown as attractive as possible, since the way it is displayed will determine the interest and the final purchase on the part of our consumer; In other words, if our product is placed on a sideboard with a striking background, we can create that our jewels - regardless of whether they are high, medium or commercial range - are offered in the most efficient way possible.

Among the multiple wholesale jewelry display options, the following should be determined:

  • Define your buyer persona: Your sales will depend on who they are directed to.
  • Recognize what type of products you have: After taking an inventory, you need to define what kind of jewelry you have.
  • Choosing the display elements you need: Choosing from a wide selection of display units is often tricky if you don't consider the whole picture; this involves considering materials, sizes, shapes, colors. Always believe that the choices made must be appropriate for the pieces of jewelry you have.

But this is not enough when it comes to delivering the product; therefore, once the jewelry is sold, the packaging adds value, safety, and beauty to each product. The essence of the effect persists even when its sale has already been made.

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